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somatoform symptoms

psycho-somatic symptoms

A person struggling with psycho-somatic symptoms, may experience the following

  • Excessive and disproportionate worry regarding one's physical health

  • The worry is often accompanied by a high level of anxiety

  • Excessive time and energy is given towards symptoms and health concerns

illness anxiety symptoms

A person struggling with illness anxiety symptoms, may experience the following 

  • Excessive worry about having or acquiring a serious illness, when no physical symptoms are present

  • A high level of anxiety about ones health  and being easily alarmed when experiencing slight fluctutations in health

  • Repetitive checking of body for illness and/or avoids seeking medical attention


A person struggling with conversion symptoms, may  experience the following 

  • Altered or impaired voluntary motor or sensory functions that can not be explained medically

Types of altered motor or sensory function can include

  • Weakness or paralysis

  • Abnormal physical movement (e.g. slowed movement, difficulty walking etc)

  • Speech impairments (e.g. Slurred speech)

  • Seizures or physical convulsions

  • Physical numbness or insensitivity to pain

  • Visual, olfactory, or auditory impairments (e.g. loss of eyesight, or difficult hearing etc)

factitious symptoms

A person struggling with factitious symptoms, may experience the following ​

  • Deceiving others to believe that he/she or another person is ill, impaired or injured for no obvious reasons, by

  • Faking one's own or another's physical or psychological symptoms

  • Purposefully injuring or making oneself or another ill

Somatic symptoms
Illness anxiety
conversion disorder
Factitious disorder
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